I almost felt sorry for Roger Federer today….almost….

I’m a very, very casual fan of tennis. I grew up in the glory days of American tennis, and John McEnroe was my favorite player growing up. I went out for the high school tennis team….and got cut. And I even had a tennis partner for about a year (Hi Jake!).

I’ll admit lately that I haven’t really *watched* much tennis. And when I say “lately”, I mean for about the last decade. I basically got bored watching Federer and Nadal destroy the competition over, and over, and over, and over. So when I heard that Roger Federer was in the running for a seventh Wimbledon title today, I wasn’t sure if I was surprised or not. I mean, it feels like he has won that tournament every year since 2000, doesn’t it?

Today’s “Gentlemens’ Final” was full of drama, mostly due to the fact that British native hero Andy Murray was playing for Queen and Country as the first Englishman to make the final since WWII.

Murray didn’t have enough today with Federer playing as good as he has ever played in his career, but he played with guts and heart. In the closing ceremony where the runner-up and champion are awarded their trophies, the ovation and the attention was actually more on Murray who was reduced to tears during the ovation that the locals gave him. The lady interviewing the players went on and on with Murray, and her first question to Federer was about Murray, too!

I almost felt sorry for Federer who had just made history by winning SEVEN Wimbledon titles as the media and the crowd and media seemed to show more love to Murray. It’s like winning the Indy 500 four times, or winning six NBA titles. It just doesn’t happen but a few times ever.

But then I came to my senses. How could I feel sorry for Federer. He wiped the floor…er…grass with Murray all afternoon, and walked away with the golden trophy and a bazillion dollars.


Andy Murray will be a fun player to watch if he continues his climb in the ranks. It sure would be fun to watch a Brit bring tennis glory back to it’s native land. I might even watch a little more tennis next year.

Fox Sports – Federer wins seventh Wimbledon title

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