In my book, Matt Kemp will always be the 2011 NL MVP if Braun juicing reports are true

Ryan Braun had one heck of year in 2011.  He was a slugging machine and won the NL MVP aware, edging out the Dodger’s Matt Kemp who had a legitimate claim to the award.   It turns out that Ryan Braun may have been juicing as reports are surfacing that he failed a test for performance enhancing drugs.  If the tests are confirmed, and there is no explanation on why he may have gotten false positives, he may be looking at a 50 game suspension.

In my my mind if Braun was juicing in 2011, then Matt Kemp will be my MVP.  It’s unbelievable to me that players are still trying to get away with this after what Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have been put through.  I hope for the sake of Braun and Major League Baseball that these results have an explanation other than illicit PED’s being involved.

This story continues to develop.

USA Today: Ryan Braun tests positive for PED, says ‘It’s B.S.’

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