Griffin III wins Heisman

ESPN dragged out the Heisman announcement for what seemed like hours tonight, and I finally turned it off to listen to some music and focus on some other things….like blogging. I expected Andrew Luck to win tonight, so I was surprised by the ESPN report that Robert Griffin III won the coveted award. I was also somewhat disappointed for Luck who I feel deserved it.

But Griffin III did make some big plays in some big games, most notably the Oklahoma game where he had a “Doug Flutie moment”, finding his receiver late in the game to pull off one of the upsets of the year. I just feel like Andrew Luck plays in a tougher league against better opponents, and his body of work is more complete the RG3. But the Heisman tends to be “what have you done lately” kind of aware, and that’s what it came down to.

I stil believe Luck will go higher in the NFL draft, and that he’s a better quarterback for the NFL. Time will tell, and both of these guys will be drafted high on the order.

I’m glad that that LSU guy, the Honey Badger didn’t win. What the heck is a Honey Badger anyway?

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