As the BCS Turns – Michigan reaps rewards from Spartan failure as Boise St. gets the shaft

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a chance to blog up some college football, and boy has a lot happened. The most notable event for me obviously was the big win by Michigan over that school down in Ohio. The Wolverines snapped a losing streak against the Buckeyes that stretched back to George W. Bush’s first term. Denard played his best game of the year just when he needed to, because the Michigan defense didn’t have the mojo.

Brady Hoke took this rag-tag bunch of players that finished 7-6 last year and carved them into a BCS-worthy squad. And thanks to a loss by the Michigan State Spartans last Saturday night to Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game, the BCS berth they deserved became a reality. The twittersphere buzzed about a Michigan matchup with Boise State in the Sugar Bowl, and how interesting that would be. The problem with that scenario is that the folks down at the BCS were getting ready to freeze Boise State out of the BCS entirely.

Virginia Tech somehow seemed a better choice by the powers that be at the BCS. They travel well, and play in a tougher conference than Boise State. But the real reason they were selected, along with Michigan, is that they will sell tickets. Both programs have a fan-base that travel in droves to see their teams play around New Years. Boise State, ranked seventh, had salt rubbed in their wounds when it was announced that they would be playing in the MAACO Bowl against an unranked Arizona team. My jaw hit the floor when I read this. It is as if the BCS just threw up their hands like they don’t know what to do with Boise State any more. The BCS’s descion seems to be sending a message to the Broncos to either join a major conference or get left out in the cold.


And then there is the National Title Game re-match of LSU and Alabama. Is this the right choice for the title game? Yeah, probably. Is it as intriguing as a LSU/Oklahoma St. matchup? No way. Not even close. As far as I remember, the SEC played their title game last weekend, and Alabama was nowhere to be found. How in the world can they be in the national championship game? There’s something very wrong with all of this, but now I’m beginning to beat a dead horse.

All I know is that the choas that the BCS has devolved into has given Michigan a huge stage to showcase their resurgence. This might be the only good thing that has come out of the BCS this year come to think about it.

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